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Hypnotic entertainment 

for the whole family

You are searching for an amazing entertainer, a hugely entertaining stage performer for your corporate event, after dinner entertainment, cabaret or private party. Someone who can make even the most bored corporate delegate be shocked and amazed as they laugh and cheer. A hypnotist who has performed around the world to huge public acclaim. Your answer Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist


Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist’s show has been seen by well over 500 000 people and Andre has become one of the most popular after-dinner speakers, cabaret performers, corporate entertainers, and fundraisers available today


Other than for his consistent tour at theatre’s across the country Andre is also available to perform exclusively at your corporate event, party, wedding, product launch and keynote event and more. Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist has performed throughout the globe for some of the best-known companies all left in awe, amazed and entertained in a show that nobody will forget 


What Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist will do for you?


Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist is an expert in the art of hypnosis, Theatre and entertainment. Brimming with energy, expertise and confidence Andre will leave your audience in stitches of laughter, amazed and entertained. Andre has been doing what he does well for the past 10 years performing at various Keynote event, performing on stage and at your after-dinner entertainment. Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist is all about delivering an experience like no other. 


What will Andre Do?


Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist will entertain mixing the very best of his multi-award-winning live show with the sorts of things you have seen him do on TV and what you want for your event in order to deliver an unforgettable experience that engages, entertains and provides great entertainment to your audience. Your audience will be in stitches of laughter when Andre hypnotises people to act in weird and wonderful way’s. 


A sneak peek

What can you expect at an André the Hilarious Hypnotist show?



Is the show family-friendly?
The show will have the youngest child and the oldest adult in stitches of laughter. The entire show is presented in a non offensive, hilarious manner aimed at making stars of those participating in the show while providing high-quality, family-friendly entertainment to those who are watching. Although the show is suited for all ages, André does have an age restriction when it comes to who may take part in the show. 

Will the show work for my event? 
Having provided Hilarious Hypnotic Entertainment for a period spanning 23 years, André has performed for schools, fundraisers, corporate functions and year-end parties as well as formal events. It doesn't matter if you are hosting a show at a comedy club, high school, university or corporate function, the show is geared at keeping the audience in stitches while making stars of those on stage. There is nothing nasty, vulgar, sexual, racist or political in the show. 

Who volunteers?
All volunteers are exactly that – volunteers. André starts the show with a introduction to how hypnosis works and exactly what he will be doing before asking for volunteers, and there is normally never a shortage of people willing to be the entertainers for the evening. The worst type of volunteer is usually the one forced, dragged or coerced to take part in the show. 

How long should the show be? 
The length of the show can be adapted to suit your function or event. Please contact us for more specific information. We recommend a time of 45 - 60 min for a corporate event and can present a show of up to two hours for a school fundraiser (inclusive of an interval).

Our function is small. Is that a problem?
André’s show is suitable for a wide range of audiences from as few as 40 to as many as 4000. If you have space for a few chairs and a sound system we can make the magic happen.

What if nobody gets hypnotised?
André has been presenting his Hilarious Hypnosis Show for the past 23 years and knows how to make the audience comfortable and how to make the show a success. Every function has a superstar just waiting to take part in the show. Once André has introduced the people to what he does on stage, there is no shortage of volunteers willing to make the evening memorable.  



Book André for your fundraiser, awards evening or corporate function!  

Alternatively, you can book André on 071 385 0940.

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