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“ The funniest show you will see this year” - Michael Fiscal, SA Entertainment Weekly.


Twenty Eight episodes of “Skaterlag met Andre” proves Andre’s incredible popularity with Audiences across South Africa, Bordering African Countries and as far afield as Australia


If you are looking for high quality family fun entertainment, look no further than the Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist’s show.

Stepping on stage 21 years ago Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist shot to hypnotic fame as he filled Theatre’s in South Africa, it’s bordering countries and as far away as Australia.


Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist still tours approximately 8 months of the year filling Theatre’s where ever he goes.

We are ready to work with your team to make your event a memorable, smooth and professional one which people will be talking about for years to come…….

The Show

It does not matter if Andre is performing for an intimate gathering or a crowd of hundreds, he has a universal appeal that'll draw attract, entertain and leave your guests in stitches.  Andre’s show is a clean family friendly show suitable all ages - enjoy hilarious hypnotic, laugh-out-loud fast paced fun. Even the skeptics will be left speechless after seeing them in action!

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